Meet the Team: Terry Downie, Developer

As a people-first digital consultancy, our team are the technical, innovative and creative minds behind the great work that we do.

In this edition of Meet the Team, we spoke to Terry — one of our brilliant developers at J B Cole — about the types of projects he loves, what inspires him and more.

Hey Terry! Can you tell us what you love about working at J B Cole?

For me, the best part of working at J B Cole is the perfect balance between support and autonomy they’ve managed to foster. Coming in as a Junior Dev, I was given ample opportunity to openly discuss the reasons that we’ve done things in a certain way.

As I’ve progressed, that support remains strong, but as my skillset has developed–which it has at a rapid pace due to this balance – I’m allowed the trust and autonomy to test my newfound skills, which is without doubt the best way to solidify them.

Due to this, I’ve progressed my core skillset and my understanding of good coding practices with J B Cole faster, and more solidly, than I think I could have anywhere else.

What types of projects do you enjoy working on?

So far, I’ve been mostly involved in a huge and exciting project that’s looking to revolutionise a specific sector.

Being heavily involved in the database schema design from inception right up to launch has provided me with excellent perspective on what launching a large-scale web application takes, from defining database objects through to API integration, and all the while adhering to Test Driven Development (TDD).

Projects of this scale really allow you to become intimately familiar with the codebase, which makes them a real pleasure to work on.

What aspects of your role do you find the most inspiring?

There are two answers to this!

First, I find architecture and DevOps to be the most interesting–how things are designed and how they connect together gives a broad-stroke understanding that I think is essential to becoming the best developer I can be.

Second, the most inspiring element of my role have to be the people I work with–the open, friendly, communicative and supportive culture that J B Cole have fostered is streets apart from anything I’ve found working in larger, more autocratic organisations, and I believe this to be the best asset they have for ensuring ongoing client and commercial success.

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