10 Bots That Prove Facebook Messenger is Great

With 900 million active monthly users, Facebook Messenger is allowing businesses to market themselves to users via bots. Using Messenger links, codes, and buttons, as well as customer matching, users can search for companies in Facebook Messenger by name. Here’s our top ten Facebook Messenger Bots to give you an idea of what you can achieve with your own bot, as well as the benefits to your business already on offer:


1. Facebook M

M is a personal assistant bot offering information on request such as restaurant recommendations, hotel rates, and trivia. M uses a bot to fulfil the easier requests, whilst the more difficult requests are fielded to a human team.

Facebook M

2. HP

A bot for both personal and business use, it allows users to print documents, photos, and files from both Facebook and Messenger with a connected HP printer, saving time and hassle from downloading files directly to your desktop.

HP Bot

3. Alex WikiMessenger Bot

This bot enables users to look up Wikipedia articles without having to open up a separate app. Users can type the query into Messenger and Alex will retrieve the article. If you’re looking for something too obscure for Alex to find, it will throw up a load of related articles for further reading.


4. Digg

Great for finding articles, but going beyond Wikipedia, and including videos too. You can search for trending articles, or search within specific categories, as well as opting in on a once-a-day digest if you fancy it.


5. Hello Jarvis

Jarvis is an owl which will remind you of anything you need it too, a great way to ensure you don’t miss appointments and meetings, as well as reminding you to make that important business call.


6. Surveybot

It does what it says on the tin. If you’re running a business and you have an audience on Facebook, or you are looking to create one, a survey is a great way to quickly gather information to enhance your brand, products, and services.


7. CNN

The CNN bot allows users to chat directly with them to get breaking or personalised news in a private message . Users can also message CNN with a keyword to receive specific news.


8. Operator

A network of bots and experts are on hand to help users purchase the best items from all over the world, enabling people to shop on the go.


9. Kayak

Kayak’s Facebook Messenger bot enables users to ask for travel information with instant replies. Though you still have to book your trip via the Kayak app, it does act as a handy tool for research – great if you have a business trip to plan.


10. Mealou

Need a nice restaurant for a lunch meeting? Mealou will make some suggestions for you, including photos, directions, and phone numbers, based on the type of food you want, or you could take a chance with it’s ‘Surprise me’ feature.



There are all sorts of benefits to be had from a Facebook Messenger bot. If you fancy your own bot, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For further information on how we can help your company grow through technology please contact us today or call us on 0208 133 8210.