10 Quick Wins to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

25% of B2B marketing professionals don’t know what their lead conversion rate is. To ensure you’re not throwing your money away and losing opportunities, it’s important that you have a good strategy and fully-functioning website that will increase your customer base and revenue. Our 10 quick wins will help you improve that conversion rate:


Higher lead quality


Quality is taking over quantity, and a good framework for your a buyer’s journey can help you maintain this, working out the boundaries between marketing qualified, sales qualified, and sales accepted leads, working out what actions and criteria contribute to a sales-ready lead, and ensuring your quality assurance process is on track.


Lead nuturing


For increased ROI, we recommend the practice of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing programmes like Oracle Eloqua take all your leads, and put them through the buying process, working out which are likely to convert to sales.


Pull your CRM and marketing automation platform together


Combining the two will allow for the sharing of lead intelligence, and the learning of the lead’s origins, and how they qualified. You can then begin creating conversions, as well as utilise your CRM/MAP integration to track and analyse conversion metrics and close rates.


Lead information


Looking at your lead entry point you can establish whether you are collecting the right information, and your next move – a drip campaign, follow-up, etc – and what your prospective leads are interested in. A web form is generally a great way to collect this information.


Lead scoring


Using lead capture data and your lead’s actions – their browsing behaviour, downloads, email engagement, and social media sharing – you can ascertain when a lead is ready to follow up. Scoring your leads can give an initial drop in lead volume, but you should see an increase in your qualified leads, and lead conversion rate.


Data verification


Poor lead quality can lead to (no pun intended) issues connecting with them, and as such, conversion rates will be nil, and your lead generation campaigns may begin to suffer with issues in deliverability, personalisation, and lead scoring. To avoid these problems, you can set up a strategy for data quality.


Targeted content


Once a lead is delivered, it is important that your sales and marketing departments remain in close co-ordination to enable the generation of case studies, implementation guides, ROI calculators, and product comparisons.



Following up


You want to be following up on leads whilst you are still in their mind, but not so soon it puts too much pressure on them. You should be looking at creating conversations that show you as knowledgeable and understanding of their professional role.


Purchased leads
Purchased leads are commonplace in generating conversions, and can help increase your prospects when your own programme is lacking. Be sure to acquire your purchased leads from a reputable source who understands your targets, to avoid making a negative move.


A fully functioning and multi-device-compatible website is a must in increasing your lead conversion rate. Take a look at the services we offer to see how you can benefit, and feel free to drop us line via the contact form below if you would like to chat.