13 Awesome WordPress Plugins For Membership Organisations

Why WordPress?

With over 60 million websites using WordPress worldwide, it is one of the most popular CMSs in the world. Using open source software, web developers are given the ability to add plugins to any WordPress website, improving performance and functionality, with now over 44,000 available to choose from.

Once your WordPress website is all set up, it is quick and easy to navigate the back end, updating your website as and when you need to, giving you free reign without the limitations you may encounter solely using social media for your online presence. Such great UX is just another of the countless reasons why WordPress is so popular, and why so many are using it.

Things To Think About

WordPress is particularly effective for membership organisations. Amongst the vast array of WordPress plugins available, there are some that are a definite must-have for membership organisations. It’s critical that you choose the right plugin for your organisation though, so that it can achieve it’s maximum potential for growth. Of the many plugins available, they each offer different features too. Different plugins offer different levels for selling subscriptions, and varying management features.

A content drip feature will stagger the release of new content, and on the other hand, some features only make hidden content available to a user, like a content protection feature, which can protect certain pages, posts, and media. A feature like this also offers a pay-per-view option. There is also a feature to restrict downloadable content, ensuring it can’t be accessed by non-members.

Some plugins offer unlimited membership levels. You may only have a few membership levels now, but you could well need or want more in the future, so it’s important to consider the long term too.

If you’re looking to sell anything other than membership on your website, for example, eBooks, courses, or merchandise, it is important to consider which features you may need to do this as best as possible, as not all plugins support the sale of physical products, and rather only support digital.

Although not all plugins offer it, another popular feature of plugins is one that offers set up of an affiliate programme, with a network of affiliates to help attract new members, taking off the pressure to do this solely by yourself.

Before installing any plugin though, you should consider which payment gateways you will be using too. It’s important to take into account whether your membership organisation will be accepting credit cards, PayPal, or a combination of the two. You can then find a plugin that supports your payment gateways.


With so many options available to you, and so many things to consider when selecting the best plugin for you, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. For that reason, we’ve created this handy infographic breaking down our top 13 plugins for membership organisations. And remember, we’re only an email away, should you need someone to create a WordPress website perfect for your membership organisation.

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