3 Ways AI Can Improve Your Small Business

More and more small businesses are reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) these days. AI is used in so many different ways, that we don’t even realise it most of the time, whether it’s in social media or eCommerce, to name just a couple of its uses. It’s no wonder then that small businesses are cashing in on this efficient feature to increase their sales, grow their audience, and improve their brand.

However, as it stands, AI is very much still growing in popularity, with a lot of small businesses still to make use of it. On that note, now is the time to get involved, and get ahead of your small and medium business competitors before they catch on, to a degree where you can start competing with the big businesses in your sector. Here’s 3 ways AI can improve your small business.


In marketing

One thing all marketing teams strive for is data. It can be an invaluable asset to your business, providing information to improve your brand. However you are then left struggling to deconstruct and analyse this information, rendering it not as useful as hoped. By using AI on top of this data, it is able to make accurate predictions and qualified leads, so your can begin to grow your audience accordingly, and give them a journey suited specifically to them, with recommendations and offers that are based on their values and habits.



In customer service

It can be a bit of a guessing game trying to work out how your customers are feeling, and as such businesses can be left feeling perplexed or at a loss as to why a customer is seemingly unhappy. By working through the collected customer data, AI can examine signals, correlations, and sentiment, so that you are then able to improve things, provide a better experience, and get that customer back on board with your business, instead of taking shots in the dark to put it right.


In sales

AI dismisses the need for manual data entry. Instead it uses your phone interactions, including your calendar and email to determine what deals are where, keeping track of everything for you, so you’re able focus on the task in hand. With AI, it’s like having your own secretary or sales assistant, who’s reminding you what needs doing, and ensures you don’t miss anything. Its clever automatic features won’t allow you to miss anything, and can locate data for you too.



AI doesn’t stop there however. It goes way beyond, and can benefit many other areas of your business too, such as finance and HR, who can both use it to their advantage. With AI in every department of your business, the possibilities are so great for developing and progressing your brand.

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