5 Cutting Edge Websites to Take Inspiration From


Over the last few years, web design has really taken it up a notch, with new trends constantly improving the way we experience the web. Websites are being developed with more responsive designs, more attractive and user-friendly typography, as well as the addition of animations and effects that use CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.


Whether you love it or hate it, responsive design is an improvement in our web experience that has been on everyone’s lips, and it continues to march into the mainstream. With many businesses and organisations driving towards cutting edge websites, they are implementing the technology of responsive design to facilitate their users.


So, here’s our list of websites that are all using smart, stylish, and responsive design layouts, to give you some inspiration in creating your own website.



BBC logo


Having recently been given another facelift, the biggest broadcasting outlet in the world are obviously going to be at the top of their game with their website design. The BBC website offers a layout that is universal across all platforms, making it extremely accessible. It has a minimalist look with a modern colour palette and simple navigation for all of its departments, making it very popular amongst its loyal users.




Zurb proves its ability for creating impressive web design by the fact that their own website offers a stylish and responsive design. Both beautiful and vibrant, their website also evades white space by switching graphic elements from PC to mobile, providing an accessible and enjoyable experience on all devices.




As the world’s leading family entertainment giant, graphics, video, and interactive elements are going to be hugely important in Disney’s website’s design, and as such it offers a design that ensures it doesn’t lose its size or the main elements that make it a great website to visit across different devices, and enjoyable for users of all ages.


The Next Web


The Next Web maintain a consistent responsive design layout across all platforms, and as one of the main places for responsive design talk, it holds up as a website which operates smoothly with a contemporary aesthetic, enabling users to whizz around the website and between articles quickly and easily.



AIDS logo

When the information you’re offering is universally important, it’s pivotal that your website can be navigated and read easily. This is why government websites are jumping on the responsive design bandwagon, and the AIDS website is a brilliant example of how a responsive design can benefit in this scenario, combining a strong message with an excellent design in which users can get what they need without jumping through hoops.
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