6 Tips to Make Your Call to Action Stand Out

Whether you want your visitors to sign up to a mailing list, purchase a product, make use of a special offer, or you want to increase your conversions in any other way, a call to action on each page of your website is a must. Using the right design techniques you can make attractive and successful visible calls to action. Here are 6 ways to make your call to action stand out.


Visual hierarchy

With visual hierarchy you can design a web page so that your visitor’s attention will be attracted to the most important elements first. This can be achieved by making certain elements bigger than others, or by putting important objects at the top of your page so they are immediately noticeable.



To improve upon your visual hierarchy, use size to help dictate the importance of certain elements on your web page. The bigger you make the element, the more attention it will get. Be wary of going too big though, as this can make the element look out of place with the rest of the page and may have the opposite effect.

call to action 2


By creating a border you are able to to separate your call to action from the rest of your web page. Often a web page requires a lot of information, and although there are ways to minimise the amount of elements used on a web page, it can still become noisy, at least to the point of distracting your visitor away from your call to action – with a border you can make it stand out.


Action words

If you were walking down a busy street and someone ten feet behind you whispered your name, you probably wouldn’t hear it. If they shouted it, chances are you would turn around. The same principle goes for your call to action. Make your your call to action punchy and bold, using action words that create a sense of urgency.


Contrasting colours

Consider which colours you are using when creating a web page. To direct attention to your call to action, use contrasting colours so that your call to action stands out from the colours used on the rest of the web page and is hard to miss.

call to action 3

White space

By using white space you allow other elements to have more prominence on your web page. In that respect it can be highly effective to leave some white space around your call to action. Also, white space can help declutter your web page and subsequently provide a visual resting space for your visitors’ eyes, and so that when they spot your call to action they are even more attracted to making that conversion.

The easier you can make it for your visitor to find your calls to action and the less intimidating they are the better, and with these suggestions you should find your conversions increasing. If you’re looking for a team to create a website for you with calls to action that will boost your business and make it more successful, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.