7 Reasons to Use WordPress in 2016

Once regarded as purely a platform for blogging, WordPress has evolved to stand firmly with the heavyweights of the CMS world. If you need more reasons to be using WordPress in 2016, here’s seven:


  1. Customisable


With a wide range of customisable themes on offer, you can create a website that is bespoke and true to your brand and style. WordPress gives the option to select your own colours, fonts, and incorporate images in both the background and foreground, and is great for many different types of website, including eCommerce, membership websites, video websites, and more.


  1. Fully functional


All sorts of features are available with WordPress, including blogging and commenting features, as well as a large selection of plugins to increase functionality, and make your website more dynamic. Whether you want videos or slideshows, you want to run a poll or you want to clone a page, or even boost SEO, you name it, and we’ll safely bet there’s a plugin for it.



  1. It supports multiple media


WordPress is multi-talented indeed. Supporting a variety of file types, the upload of various media to your website is entirely possible, whether you want to post a video or an audio clip, or add an image gallery, and it allows you to embed from other hosting sites and social media, such as Twitter and Youtube.


  1. Slick and professional looking content


Create text and image grids, sidebars, image captions, margins, background images, and more to ensure slick looking content that is guaranteed to maintain the interests of your website viewers and create conversions. You can easily & quickly create professional looking posts and articles in WordPress to improve your content output. 


  1. Great for SEO


Did you know that Google favours WordPress websites? Its responsive design and clean, simple code is a piece of cake for web crawlers, putting you higher up in the search engine’s ranks, and as a result, generating more traffic. You can also assign each page with its own Meta tag keyword, boosting SEO even more, and as we mentioned, there are various plugins available to help with SEO too.


  1. Safety first


Regular automatic updates, and WordPress-endorsed plugins will ensure high security. With a good, reliable team setting up your WordPress CMS, you’re reducing your risk from hackers even more, and just as much as a ‘traditional’ website.


  1. Highly responsive


WordPress websites have the added bonus of almost all of their themes having a responsive design, ensuring smooth functionality on both mobiles and tablets. With more and more people using mobile devices, and particularly touchscreens, to browse the internet, a responsive website is a must. Google are also penalizing unresponsive websites. Read about the 5 touchscreen you should know about here.

These are just a small number of reasons we champion WordPress websites. For further information on how we can help your company grow through technology please contact us today or call us on 0208 133 8210.