7 Tips for Nailing Working Remotely

Staying focussed when outside of the office environment is no mean feat. Step outside of the office and distractions come at you left, right, and centre. To make working remotely successful for you, you’re going to need professionalism, willpower, and determination. As a company who embrace remote working days, we’ve compiled this list of 7 tips to help working remotely work for you.

Routine and organisation

Staying organised will help you stay on top of your working day. Whether you work from home at a desk, or on your laptop in a cafe, knowing where all your files are kept will increase efficiency and make remote working life easier. Establishing a routine which puts your energy and resources first is also a good idea – think about what time of day you work best, and make space to get away from your ‘desk’ to refresh and re-energise.

Healthy communication

When we are working remotely, it’s easy to see emails you send to colleagues being unnecessary or even irritating, whereas actually, keeping up such communication that you would naturally have in an office environment will strengthen colleague relations, boost morale, and enable everyone to work better as a team. You could also set up one-to-one or group video calls to add a dynamic to the dialogue.

Travel time

The fact that you don’t need to commute to work each morning can make the thought of rolling over and hitting that snooze button so very tempting. Resist that temptation! Routine is incredibly important. Ensure that you are up and at your dedicated work space at 9am each morning to  get your brain in the ‘working’ zone.


With such flexibility, so too comes the danger of procrastination. Without someone watching over you it can become all too easy get sidetracked, and before you know it anything becomes more interesting than the work itself – even washing that pile of dirty dishes. Procrastination can be highly detrimental your productivity, causing lapses in concentration and for your work to suffer.

Reduced office overheads

Having staff who work in-office means having a large enough space to accommodate them, which can become costly. With your staff working remotely, office numbers will reduce and you can work in a smaller, more affordable space.

Working with the best

With your team working remotely, it allows you more options when employing new staff, and you are no longer restricted to just those who live nearby, who may not have as great a skillset as someone at the other end of the country. How often you need them to come into the office is then up to you. Remote working offers both employer and employee much more scope.


Working outside of the office allows you freedom which you don’t have in the office with phones constantly ringing, meetings, and emails forever coming in. Working remotely enables you to get away from all of this and focus on the task in hand. With such freedom and focus, a fun and creative approach to working comes more naturally, producing more valuable results.

Although the office has that stamp of ‘official workplace’, working remotely and electing a new ‘official’ environment for your work to flourish in can actually have massive benefits for both you and your team with a much greater focus and drive.

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