Technology Tune-Up – It’s time to enhance business performance through technology

Over the past few months J B Cole have been working on an exciting new venture called Technology Tune-Up. A service created for businesses within the engineering and manufacturing space to enhance their business performance through the use of digital technology.

We are offering industry business leaders a complimentary one-hour, consultation to run through our Technology Tune-Up survey during the first week of October. The survey poses a series of questions focused on people and processes enabling us to unearth and evaluate some of the key business challenges.

We will then be supplying businesses with a bespoke report that indicates how businesses are performing digitally. We will pinpoint strategic solutions and the best digital technology to support business objectives. Alongside this, we can provide clarity on the weaker areas within businesses that can be solved first to increase marginal gains.

Our CEO Josh Bolland and CTO Oliver Bolland will be running these bespoke sessions using their wealth of knowledge from their decade working in technology. Josh and Ollie have worked on over two hundred digital technology projects over the past ten years, during this time they have been faced with challenges, but they have been able to combine their deep knowledge of digital technology with client’s expertise in their sector. This has meant that they’re always been able to face the challenges with the right digital technology solutions.

Ollie is the CTO and technical architect with over twelve years development experience and eight of which, co-running J B Cole UK. He has led complex technology. He has lead complex technology projects for names that include the NHS, Transport for London and ITV. Our CEO Josh has been running J B Cole UK for the past ten years and was awarded recognition in the BIMA100 for achievements in the digital industry.

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