The Importance of UX Design for Digital Businesses

Good UX design is completely necessary to a website’s design if a business is to succeed beyond its competitors, let alone stay current. A poor UX design can be detrimental to business, which is why we suggest getting it seen to sooner rather than later, to avoid further problems. Here’s some tips which will help you better understand UX design and why it is so important for digital businesses.


Thinking about UX design

Long have businesses traced their user’s journey as they have interacted with the company, however now businesses are doing this digitally.


Using interface design, customer journey mapping, and web page or software design, it is important to know how your users are interacting with your website. You can then start to think about changes to the website that might improve your UX.


A UX designer may choose to improve parts of the website’s interface, such as it layout or fonts to enhance usability, as well as improving parts of the website that have errors, or that could be changed to be more effective.


The benefits

As well as increasing usability, UX design can also increase ROI (return on investment). To avoid losing customer interaction, you should:

    • Place functionality over aesthetic
    • Consider legibility, including fonts and hyperlinks
    • Keep your layout and links clear
    • Ensure your website can cope with the traffic
    • Place ads carefully as not to distract users
    • Ensure everything is working correctly
    • Cater for all browsers and devices

UX design can decrease the need for customer support, reducing the errors, incorrect links, or interface elements that are not working well enough, for example, which can then save money on your customer support team.


Having a UX design that works smoothly and fluently can reduce the time between a user’s first time visiting the website and a point of sale. Certain pages could also be designed to keep users on them for longer too, creating more opportunity for ad revenue.


With UX research, you can find out what exactly your users want from your website, providing you with the opportunity to then cater your UX design to your users’ needs, increasing user interaction.


In light of your research, you can not only find out what users want from your website on a one dimensional level, but you can find out their motivations, and even their emotions, which will help you shift your business to operate from their perspective.


By enhancing your UX design, you can create more trust from your users, ultimately leading to an increase in business.




Having a UX designer is becoming more and more vital to ensure your website is adapting to the current digital client and is up there with the best, and that you are not losing customers to your competitors.


It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to set up their own teams dedicated to UX research and development so that they’re constantly one step ahead, and consistently meeting their users’ needs.


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