Meet the team – Alice!

We recently sat down with our Office and Marketing Coordinator, Alice. Discussing everything from tips for a smooth marketing campaign, through to life in sunny Blackpool!

Tell us abit about yourself

I am originally from Blackpool and moved to Manchester three years ago to study Marketing Management at MMU. After working for J B Cole for over a year and finishing university with a first class, it seemed right that I stayed in Manchester, I love it here. I’m a big fan of eating out and trying the newest restaurants around town, but when I’m not doing that I like to go home and spend time with my family and friends.

Where did your love for marketing start?

I studied business at A-Level and it was always the hardest subject for me (I hate numbers). So naturally I liked the challenge, ended up doing quite well at it and then decided marketing was probably the best route. It gave me opportunity combine my business head with the creative side I have. I also was brought up by an awesome entrepreneur for a mum, so naturally I became interested in the marketing and business world from a young age.

What are your top tips to a smooth campaign?

  1. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm – There will always be a new idea somewhere in your head, it may just take a lot of paper to figure it out

  2. Think of the end goal – Always keep in mind that it might be a good idea, but might not lead to anything. It’s always key to have metrics and goals to aspire to 

  3. Use your analytics – Be sure to use what data and analytics you have, they offer great insight into what your audiences likes and doesn’t like.

Why do you like working for J B Cole?

What first drew me to the company was their laid back approach, I’d never had a boss that would let me be flexible with my working hours, or that allowed a team to work from their garden on a Monday, so that was a great surprise. I also like the technology we use to do things, gone are pen and paper in this office, it’s likely Josh or one of the boys will have a software that can help you do your job ten times quicker and more efficient.