Meet the Team: Sunny Hebbar, Developer

As a people-first digital consultancy, our team are the technical, innovative and creative minds behind the great work that we do.

In this edition of Meet the Team, we spoke to Sunny — one of our brilliant developers at J B Cole — about the types of projects he loves, what inspires him and more.

Hey Sunny! Can you tell us what you love about working at J B Cole?

The thing I love most is the working environment. It is a great environment to work, learn and grow within an innovative team. Sharing of ideas is always encouraged, which helps create a great team spirit and, ultimately, allows for the production of some amazing projects.

Additionally, the company really understands and values the importance of having a healthy work-life balance. This combination makes it a great company to be a part of.

What types of projects do you enjoy working on?

Innovative and challenging projects that allow researching and implementing new features that we haven’t previously done within the company are my favourite types of projects to work on.

Learning new things and pushing and testing myself really motivates me, and these types of projects allow me to do just that. I also really like working on projects that provide a benefit to the wider community.

What aspects of your role do you find the most inspiring?

I really enjoy overseeing projects, being involved in conversations from their inception, helping to shape their structure and ultimately building and seeing them through to production.

Additionally, mentoring junior developers, sharing my knowledge with them, helping them improve and seeing them grow and flourish really inspires me.

Having recently been a junior developer myself, I feel a great sense of satisfaction in being able to help others through the journey that I went through and seeing them become great developers in their own right.

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