Welcome to The Colectiv — Issue 03

At J B Cole, community is important to us. And we recognise that our partners, clients, technology friends and the industries we work with have made our business what it is today.

That’s why during 2020 we launched The Colectiv — a bimonthly digital publicationthat celebrates of the tech community and will bring the latest news and insights straight to your inbox. There are a lot of business newsletters out there — but we wanted to create something different. Something more interactive, more informative and with a new focus on the world J B Cole is part of.

Each issue will focus on a different theme, explored through interviews with our friends in various industries, snippets of stories from our community and insightful news pieces centred around digitalisation.

Our third issue, launched in February 2021 focuses on the power of relationships, the future of networking and interviews with tech leaders & our community.

You can read this issue in full here.