How Machine Learning Can Improve Your Social Listening

Computer technology is incredible these days, and there’s not a lot a computer can’t do, and more often than not computers are outdoing us in all sorts of tasks. With that in mind, we should be considering how machine learning can be used to our advantage and improve social listening. Read on to find out more about how machine learning can benefit your business.


With categorization

Stemming from AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning uses algorithms, with data packets, to analyse properties of the data, so that we can then begin to realise the next step forward. With the patterns in this data, the machine is able to generalize results, using a model that enables it to obtain the most important bits of the information for best results.

Social listening categorizes content, or uses tags or sentiments to organise it. This can be done manually using their default resources, or rules can be assigned to project particular operations and terms to search. Although the manual approach has been proven to be hugely accurate, it can be a very slow and tedious task. Via the automated approach, however, it is much quicker, but on the flip side, it isn’t as accurate. The way around this is to use human knowledge with machine learning. By feeding this knowledge into the machine, it is then able to develop a method that is far more precise in its categorization.



By drawing conclusions

With Natural Language processing, the machine is able to interpret text and voice messages via text channels. Basically, your machine will pick up repeated patterns in text and voice, and will then organise the information accordingly, using a generalised approach, with the machine learning the processes via an algorithm. Using NLP and text mining, concepts and identities can also be ascertained to determine the positive and negative experiences of an interaction. With this approach to data analysis, you can get the information straight from your customers, improving your market research, as you are able to examine competitors, products, attributes, and more. It will also play a great hand in bettering your campaigns and insights by listening closely to conversations and providing information to make improvements accordingly.



With machine learning and Natural Language Processing, and with both hardware and software continuously improving and advancing, it’s now possible, using automation, to get the same results as if a person was doing the job. By establishing patterns, machines are able to free up time for us to do other jobs, as well as develop and better the process analysis, that we would otherwise be going over laboriously with little to go by, costing us more and taking us so much longer.

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