SLG website launch

Here at J B Cole we’re always keen to meet new companies, work with agencies and make some new friends. So when SLG approached to help build a unique, animation-led website to convey the tone of their recent redesign as a brand, we thought, what a way to do all three!

SLG provided detailed designs of a rebranded and fresh conceptual website including a dynamic homepage which constantly refreshed website content onto moving tiles which could then be interacted with by the user. We coded multiple designs to HTML, created the complex animations, integrated the website into WordPress with a user friendly back end & rigorously tested the site across multiple browsers and devices within just 5

One of the key tasks for the project was tackling the intricate animations, the most complex of these being the homepage. Through a series of development-led meetings and rigorous testing we created the animations throughout the site to match SLG’s vision. We’re pretty proud of what we achieved, and we hope you like it too! You can check it out here:

As a partnership agency, we like making friends and for SLG we created an extremely engaging, original and user-friendly website to the exact specification of the brief which allowed them to express their new identity and complete their rebranding process as an advertising brand leader. We’re now that good friends, we’ve even moved in with them in Manchester’s Northern Quarter!

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