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Subsector is a consultancy that helps organisations prioritise in complex circumstances and is the originator of the N2D Method®.


This methodology is used by consultancies, agencies and enterprises to prioritise the business initiatives that are critical to success.

The Challenge

The N2D Method® is an Algorithmic Decision Model or Judgement Protocol. N2D stands for “Needs To Decisions”. The Method focuses on the needs of the people each organisation cares the most about, whether their customers, prospects, citizens, staff, etc. It assists each business understand how serving these needs helps the organisation to achieve its objectives.

At the heart of the method is the NeedRank™ algorithm, which interprets key data in order to deliver a clear set of priorities. In a nutshell, the solution acts as a business analysis tool that interprets data and provides the user with an actionable list of priorities. It is designed for use by teams and consultants to guide and structure a human-led process.

Subsector approached J B Cole to create an enhanced software solution for the N2D Method® which incorporates new features and functions in order to better serve its growing number of clients and licensees.

The Impact

J B Cole began by enacting a series of user journey workshops, and discovery workshops to fully define the needs of Subsector’s users and the current capabilities of any existing technology. By doing so, they were able to identify key areas that required enhancement as well as new functionality to better service the needs of license owners and users. 

J B Cole created a custom software solution to change the management of the N2D Method®. Through a Python install and React Material front end, the team was able to create a platform with a seamless user experience, ensuring crucial stages of the process were user friendly, intuitive and agile. Most importantly, they were able to take an existing offline process and enable license owners to conduct N2D Method® sessions themselves through the platform, without the need for assistance and guidance from Subsector.

The Results

J B Cole’s ongoing relationship with Subsector has enabled the business to grow and scale through the seamless onboarding of new users and the new capability for licensees to conduct N2D Method® sessions directly through the platform.

Technology & Design

We use data-driven insights and UX methodologies to understand the needs of your current customers, future prospects, and employees. Coupled with a detailed knowledge of your business and ongoing challenges, we build tailor-made technology solutions including websites, bespoke software, digital experiences or ecosystems.

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