The Challenge

The organisation wanted to establish a new brand that would stand out from the competition and appeal to buyers looking for premium homes. The company faced the challenge of creating a clear and straightforward user journey to attract first time and second stage buyers.

The website design needed to be slick, clean, and follow a premium colour palette to drive lead conversions.

The Impact

Shelbourne Estates worked with our team to develop a website that would reflect its premium brand and appeal to its target market. The website was designed to provide a clear and straightforward user journey, making it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. The site was crafted with a premium colour palette and a sleek, modern design that would attract buyers.

The company also provided a range of helpful resources such as property guides and mortgage calculators to help potential buyers make informed decisions. Additionally, the website had exportable PDF brochures that showcased the company’s beautifully crafted homes, combining contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship.

The Results

Shelbourne Estates successfully established a new brand and created a clear and straightforward user journey for first time and second stage buyers. The company’s website design and resources helped to drive lead conversions and establish the company as a premium brand.

The combination of a sleek, modern design, a premium colour palette, and helpful resources made the website appealing to potential buyers.

Technology & Design

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