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Rezzil is the world-leading platform for developing athletes; a fast-growing UK based tech company focused on using a combination of sensors, data and intelligent software to aid in cognitive development in sports.

The Challenge

Rezzil’s unique technology suite enables world-class athletes to improve cognition, decision-making and resilience through intuitive technology and data-visualisation of player performance.

We initially partnered with Rezzil to improve the way detailed data from their VR app was being presented to their clients — enabling users to easily view key statistics and metrics in an intuitive way. 

The Solution

Following an immersive discovery workshop to understand their core needs, we began by working closely with Rezzil’s data team to help map out hundreds of different data endpoints. This allowed us to build a strategy on how they should be displayed within the portal.

Our creative team created UX wireframes for each screen in the portal and produced UI designs for the varying data models and visualisations — along with the core account and profile screens.

We conducted a rigorous collaborative testing process, after which the portal was rolled out to be used by Rezzil’s growing customer base.

“Things are moving fast at Rezzil and it’s imperative for us that we work with a partner that is not only aligned with our vision, but understands the pace at which we need to make changes and who can respond quickly.” — Gareth Thatcher, Technical Director at Rezzil

The Results

Our solution has elevated Rezzil’s product by allowing their customers to easily manage their account and profile settings and interrogate their own performance data. They also benefit from access to real time stats on their performance and leaderboard ranking within their teams.

The enhancements to the portal have also enabled Rezzil to easily manage customer memberships and create upsell opportunities.

Technology & Design

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